Chanting Forest

How do we currently divide our attention between ourselves, others, and all kinds of social issues we face? That’s the question I want to answer with Chanting. Chanting Forest is a musical installation for choir. The audience will walk through the choir blindfolded.

On June 10 2018 we have performed a pilot of Chanting Forest on Oranjewoud Festival.

Chanting Forest

The set up of the choir is different then usual. The singers are apart from each other by 2 meters, so there’s enough room for the listener to walk through the choir. You will be blindfolded or you keep your eyes shut. You will be guided within the choir and from there you can go your own way, guided by the sounds you hear.


I am working on three different approaches for the pilot:

  1. Lux Silentiosa – This composition is made to leave to your imagination as much as possible.
  2. Where Is Your Attention? – This one will be full of effects, coming from all kinds of directions, and is set up to provoke.
  3. Who Guides Who? – During this piece you will be able to influence the composition yourself.