Odd Pearls

Odd Pearls is an adventurous collaboration between composer/trumpeter Diederik Rijpstra and Judith Steenbrink (violin) and Tineke Steenbrink (organ).

We use the church organ, strings, electronics, percussion, trumpet and the space we perform in, to create a tiny, filmic, exciting and bombastic musical palette.

In 2014 Judith Steenbrink (baroque violin) and Tineke Steenbrink (organ) started to collaborate with composer/trumpeter Diederik Rijpstra. Odd Pearls was born. Rijpstra was digging in the world of baroque where Judith and Tineke live in. He listened to their music, made them improvise, interviewed them and used those interviews in some of his pieces. Based on the comments on Youtube videos of Bach, he wrote a libretto for the talented mezzo-soprano Karin Strobos. A remake of a piece by Vivaldi is played so slow, it has to be conducted by light flashes. And the one truly electronic piece is made out of recorded organ sounds only.

The result is extraordinary, adventurous and magical: a show of new music with a 7-piece ensemble. With the use of church organ, strings, electronics, percussion and trumpet, Odd Pearls creates a tiny, filmic, exciting and bombastic musical palette. Lightning, the space they perform in, the placement and size of the ensemble are important to leave the audience with a magical experience.

Judith and Tineke Steenbrink are always in a mindset of exploring. With their Holland Baroque they have collaborated with several musicians and artists like Nico Muhly, Teitur and Eric Vloeimans.


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